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 Need Help Converting csh stuff to ksh

WARNING - somewhat uninitiated poster!

I have recently acquired a home computer (AT&T 7300) that runs unix.
It has ksh, but not csh.  I have been working on a DEC ultrix
system occasionally and used csh there, but I now want to convert
my environment there to be ksh for consistency.  I have the
following csh files that I want to convert to ksh.  Also, I want
to know how to split the commands between the .kshrc and .profile

Thanks for any help!!  Please send email as I am not a group
reader.  I include below my .cshrc and .login files that I
want converted, and the .profile and .kshrc files I am using
on the 7300 (I want those commands on the DEC system too, so
I included them in case command ordering is important.

                                Jeff Templon
tset -I -Q
umask 077
setenv MAIL /usr/spool/mail/$USER
set mail=$MAIL
setenv LINK_TIMEOUT    3
set path=(. $HOME/bin /usr/ucb /bin /usr/bin /usr/local/bin /usr/local \
/usr/new/mh /usr/new /usr/hosts $HOME/abcsrc /usr/bin/X11)
setenv EDITOR  emacs
if ($TERM == 'unknown') then
        echo 'Which type of terminal are you using? ';

        setenv TERM $<

if ($TERM == 'sytek') then
        echo 'Which type of terminal are you using? ';

        setenv TERM $<

if ($TERM == 'network') then
        echo 'Which type of terminal are you using? ';

        setenv TERM $<

if ($TERM == 'dialup') then
        echo 'Which type of terminal are you using? ';

        setenv TERM $<
if ($TERM == 's4') then
        setenv TERMCAP $HOME/termcap
alias fv finger
alias tv telnet
alias help apropos
alias lo logout
alias ls ls -F
alias rm rm -i
alias vt100 "set term = vt100; stty dec new cr0 -tabs"
alias vt200 "set term = vt200; stty dec new cr0 -tabs"
setenv TEXINPUTS .:/usr/local/lib/tex/inputs

set history=20

.kshrc (from the 7300)
#sccs   "@(#)install:.kshrc        1.1"

set -ao emacs
PS1="$LOGNAME ! > "
EXINIT="set ai aw sm"
function p { pwd; }
alias h='fc -l | tail -23 | more -c'
alias c=clear
alias j=jobs
alias x='fc -e "cat >/dev/null" $1 $2'
alias w='whence -v'
alias log='tail -f /usr/spool/uucp/LOGFILE'
alias ls='ls -FC'

.profile (from the 7300)
#sccs   "@(#)install:.profile      1.3"

ENV=$HOME/.kshrc;export ENV

 Fri, 15 Apr 1994 14:56:26 GMT   
 Need Help Converting csh stuff to ksh

There exsist a conversion table for 6 or 7 shells at
( in the directory pub/lps/misc.
Filname: shell-100.BeatA.Z

This is just a BetaA release, anyone is encouraged to make modification
to the file, as I don't have time to deal with it yet.

Ove Ruben R Olsen

    Ove Ruben R Olsen, Proffessional VI user.  EMAIL:
    Also known as "The Gnarfer from Hell".  (Registred character of ORRO.)
    On IRC as: Gnarfer. IRC-Admin at Bergen Edu College and Univ of Bergen
    Running and Maintaining the Largest  VI/EX-STUFF  Archive in the WORLD

 Fri, 15 Apr 1994 19:12:57 GMT   
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