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 Q about Bourne shell "read" command

I've been tinkering around writing a "read" command for my Macintosh
shell.  I've based the command upon the definition in "UNIX Power Tools",
section 46.13.

That book gives the synopsis as:

read varname

And says "If you name more than one variable, the first word typed goes
into the first variable, the second word goes into the second variable,
and so on... all leftover variables go into the last variable"

I've done that, but I wonder what other options there might be.  Could
someone email me a man page for the Bourne "read"?

I'm tempted to make it:

read var [var...] -p prompt

but I don't know how non-standard that would be.


John (

 Sat, 01 Mar 1997 23:34:04 GMT   
 Q about Bourne shell "read" command

I'm running an ancient version of Xenix, but on my system, "read" is a
builtin part of the shell, and thus doesn't have its own man page.  The
man page for sh covers it.

Bill Marcum
"Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison?"

 Sun, 02 Mar 1997 05:05:50 GMT   
 Q about Bourne shell "read" command
I found the definition in the POSIX shell spec.  The only option is -r,
which means to treat \ literally and not as an escape character.

John (

 Sun, 02 Mar 1997 19:49:16 GMT   
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