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 tcsh env variables

I had a problem using the "more" command in tcsh. It used to skip some lines
during display resulting in a few lines not being displayed at all. I am not
sure what caused that problem, but this didnt happen if i used csh.

So, I compared the env variables for these 2 shells to see if csh does anything
different. I looks like csh sets 2 environment variables "LINES" and "COLUMNS"
that is used by commands like "more" while displaying data. But "tcsh" did
not seem to set these variables. But once *I* set them in tcsh, everything is

The man pages for tcsh say that the env variables "LINES" and "COLUMNS" are
updated *if set*. My questions are:

1. do i need to explicitly set these env variables for tcsh (in my .env
for e.g..)?

2. is it true that csh automatically maintains these variables irrespective
of whether they are previously set or not? if yes, can this behavior be
incoporated into tcsh?

thank you for your time and response.


 Sun, 24 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT   
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