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 rm *

  I noticed from tcsh code that there is a function "rmstar" which
seems to provide protection in case a user carelessly enter "rm *"
to destroy all files. This is usually the case when a user wanted
to remove *.o but somehow "o" was not entered.

  But on all tcsh's I used on several machines, there is no prompt
for "Are you sure to remove all files?".  

  Then in what case the "rmstar()" function works (there is really
a statement : printf("Are you sure to remove all files?\n") in tcsh
source code.)?

  Any pointer will be appreciated.


Jingwen Wang
U. of Toronto

Jingwen Wang
U. of Toronto

 Thu, 03 Mar 1994 03:58:51 GMT   
 rm *
In article <>

In older versions (pre 5.19.02, according to the Fixes file), this was
controlled by an #ifdef, with the corresponding #define (unfortunately)
turned *on* by default. Currently, this behaviour is turned on by
setting the variable 'rmstar' (it *is* in TFM:-), which is *unset* by

While tcsh's rmstar functionality perhaps isn't as "corrupting" as
aliasing rm to rm -i, I still advice against using this - see Paul Fox'
recent article on why a "safe" rm is Bad For You. (Not to mention how
upsetting it must be to the "shell purists" to have something like this
in the shell - on the other hand, they won't use tcsh anyway...:-)

Unfortunately, I don't believe a 'del' alias can achieve the exact same
functionality as tcsh's rmstar - but I'd be happy to be proven wrong...

--Per Hedeland  or  or

 Thu, 03 Mar 1994 20:50:45 GMT   
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