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 vi set commands using kornshell
Does anyone now how I can set vi to run the following commands in a
kornshell enviroment

set EXINIT 'set shiftwidth=4  tabstop=3 showmatch ignorecase\
map M mx\
map q "xp\
map Q "xP\
map C "xd'"'"'x'

I want to be able to log on and have the above commands intiallized in

My .exrc file has the following description:

" DESCRIPTION:  When you invoke the vi editor, it looks for the $EXINIT
"               environment variable, and if found, uses it as a command
"               (or list of commands separated by | characters) to
"               run.  If $EXINIT is undefined, vi checks for startup
"               in this file (~/.exrc).

I tried to put the above commands in .exrc and .kshrc files but vi still
uses the defaults values.

If I run in c shell mode the above commands will work in vi.

Thanks in advance for your help.

 Sun, 01 Feb 2004 02:43:06 GMT   
 vi set commands using kornshell

1) EXINIT= instead of set EXINIT
2) put a space before \
3) the string should be surrounded by " not by '
4) you have to mask the " in the last line (\")
5) you have to export the EXINIT variable

So, the statement looks like this (not checked in vi):
EXINIT="set shiftwidth=4  tabstop=3 showmatch ignorecase
map M mx
map q \"xp
map Q \"xP
map C \"xd'\"'\"'x'"
export EXINIT

Check the content of EXINIT by starting a new shell and
echo it's value:
echo $EXINIT

In the .exrc-file in your home directory you must write the set and
map commands.

Xpost and Followup to comp.editors, where vi questions are ontopic.

Greetings from Switzerland -- Gruesse aus der Schweiz

 Sun, 01 Feb 2004 15:43:07 GMT   
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