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 A new Directory index program for APACHE, allows uploads and maintanence

I've written a few utilitys to provide enhanced directory indexes
its running, and stable under SCO Unix and APACHE 1.2 (production)


the current version provides some useful features.

The following Columns of information per file or directory
-Comments  (multi-line auto wrap)
-safety rating
-Distribution policy
-Address of sender
-Sitename of Sender

-Each column can be sorted ascending/descending

-you can customize your settings to choose the columns you want to see and
the sort order.  The information is saved in a cookie.

- it supports HEADER.html and README.html (for compatability)also .htfoot
.hthead and .htstyle so that you can add descriptive footnotes and
introductions to directories.

-you can upload files to selected directories. (at least with netscape)

-you can make new directories

-you can delete files and or directories

-you can edit the file descriptions

-portable it is written in 'C', and Korn Shell

-file uploads only work with netscape
-it uses tables (not all browsers support this)
-it is not even 'BETA' yet, although we have been using it
 as the default directory index provider locally for several weeks
 without problems.

Is anybody interested in such a critter?
I'm hoping to find some fellow developers who would

a) like to get involved in this in the next few days/weeks
b) have UNIX and APACHE
c) are friends of 'C' and KSH

I would like some early beta testers who are
are aware of security considerations and would
willing to add contribute to this project.

This is NOT a commercial venture, its all FREE(d)
and will be release to the public in source-form.

you are invited to take a peek at the current manifestation
just drop by and glance at http://www.**-**.com/

if you are still interested, have comments please
email me

MY DNA and genetic structure is copyright 1957-1997 David J. Binette
unauthorised use, duplication, storage or retransmission is strictly prohibited.

http://www.**-**.com/ ~dbin
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