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 Bus error/memory parity error

I'm running Apache 1.3.12 for Unix (with SSL, jserv) on an SGI Challenge S
running IRIX 6.5.

Looking through the error_log I see that I have been receiving a number of Bus
error messages for over a year now.

Today I got the following system message (at the console): SGI Non recoverable
memory parity error detected by CPU at 0xab5a8a8 (0x380) code: -1. Alert Memroy
Parity Error in SIMM S3.

Do I need a new SIMM?

-- Richard

 Tue, 29 Jul 2003 01:24:02 GMT   
 Bus error/memory parity error
Sure sounds like hardware to me. Before you buy a new
SIMM, you might try vacuuming the dust out of the box
and reseating all the cards and connectors. It's
amazing how often this fixes things.

 Tue, 29 Jul 2003 03:03:59 GMT   
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