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 resource monitoring, system usage
Howdy *nix gurus,

I am looking to locate a script that does any of the following things,
that can be tweaked into doing exactly what I need, for my purposes,
ksh would be nice.. but Ill take anything, perl, tcl/tk expect, csh,
sh etc.. (the less tweaking a stock (hp) system needs to run this, the
better). I'm looking to keep track of things like memory usage, i/o
wait, disk usage, load average, maybe at some point I'll want to track
mutex spins and such, but not right now. I will then be making the
script output to a file in comma delimited format. What I am seeking,
kind sirs and madams, is a script that does any of this, that I can
have permission to either mess with directly, or just look at for
inspiration. If anyone would be so kind as to assist me in this
endeavor, I would be much appreciative. Thanks for any positive


if you wish to send something to me directly, use "termm at mindspring
dot com" and thanks again.

 Tue, 13 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
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