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 Reverse-engineer a kernel?
I'm having a bit of difficulty configuring a new kernel to work with
my NIC.  After scouring the groups & the internet, I'm still not able
to configure my sis900 NIC.  HOWEVER, the original kernel (compiled by
the Mandrake9.0 installation process -- uname=2.4.19-16mdk) DOES
properly configure my NIC.  So...

Is there a way for me to "reverse engineer" an existing kernel??  In
other words, is there a way for me to discern which options/etc were
used to compile the current kernel?  Provided with this information, I
SHOULD be able to compile a new kernel that's identical.  Given this
ability, I should then be able to add modules/etc for LVM and all the
other goodies that I'd like to run.

Thanks in advance!

 Sun, 17 Jul 2005 01:25:48 GMT   
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