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 Linux/mips64 on 64 node, 128p, 64G machine

Just a quick note to mention that I was successful in booting up a
64 node, 128p, 64G mips64 machine on a 2.4.1 based kernel. To be able
to handle the amount of io devices connected, I had to make some
fixes in the arch/mips64 code. And a few to handle 128 cpus.

A couple of generic patches needed to be made on top of 2.4.1
(obviously, the prime one was that NR_CPUS had to be bumped to 128).
I will clean the patches up and send them in to Linus.

For some output, visit


I ommitted the bootup messages, since they are similar (just a lot
longer!) to the 32p bootup messages at



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 Tue, 19 Aug 2003 16:40:03 GMT   
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