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Using menuconfig:

/bin/sh scripts/Menuconfig arch/i386/
Using defaults found in .config
Preparing scripts: functions, parsing.scripts/Menuconfig: ./MCmenu0: line 88: syntax error near unexpected token `fi'
scripts/Menuconfig: ./MCmenu0: line 88: `fi'
.............................................................scripts/Menuconfig: ./MCmenu64: line 15: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
scripts/Menuconfig: ./MCmenu64: line 15: `}'
 [H [2J
Menuconfig has encountered a possible error in one of the kernel's
configuration files and is unable to continue.  Here is the error

 Q> scripts/Menuconfig: MCmenu0: command not found

Please report this to the maintainer <>.  You may also
send a problem report to <>.

So, I used Xconfig. no problem.

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 Tue, 19 Aug 2003 22:20:03 GMT   
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