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 Strange NAT messages on multicast packets
I'm seeing a lot of messages in my gateway's system log of the form:

lithium kernel: NAT: 0 dropping untracket packet c233f340 1 ->

Virtually all these packets come from machines on the student LAN on the
"outside" of the gateway.  Whether or not iptables is configured to drop
the packets (on input or forward), these messages still appear.

I understand means "multicast router", but why does my kernel
have to be so verbose about it?  Is there a sensible way to turn off the
messages without playing havoc with my syslogd configuration?

Kernel 2.4.1 on a P166/MMX, compiled with gcc 2.95.2, based on a
barely-recognisable RH 6.2 installation.  The NIC which these packets come
in on is a 3c509, which is not in promiscuous mode.

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