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 IO APIC + ACPI Problems.
    Hi all, I report this Bug that I've found.

In my configuration  (MSI KT4 Ultra, Athlon 2400+, Geforce 3 Ti200 ) IO
APIC doesn't give problems (  Only the UNEXPECTED IO APIC message and a
problem about "Buggy MP Table" that doesn't provide an IRQ (Seems the
irq of the IDE Controller, but all works correctly...) ) , but if I
enable ACPI support with the IO APIC the system does not shutdown
properly in the most of cases , and it reboots instead . Powering off
the system by the Power Button does not work too.

I use the Linux Kernel 2.4.20 Version and the Debian "Sid" Distribution
. I've tried the Debian kernel and the "vanilla" one, and both generates
this error.

I'm lost , I don't know how to solve




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 Thu, 18 Aug 2005 17:50:06 GMT   
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