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 Night freezes of computer (2.4.2)

I have Duron on Via chipset.  Kernel is 2.4.2.  When I leave my computer in
work on during night, it freezes hard.  I have X running, so there are no
messages on console.  I suspect that maybe ACPI is doing that, so I am
going to disable it and try it again.  I will also shutdown Xserver before
I will be going home today, so I can see some kernel messages (if any) on
console.  I think that it is some 2.4.2 issue, because I don't remember
similar behaviour on earlier kernels.


Mar  2 01:24:28 druid -- MARK --
Mar  2 01:44:28 druid -- MARK --
Mar  2 09:10:56 druid syslogd 1.3-3#33.1: restart.

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 Tue, 19 Aug 2003 16:40:03 GMT   
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