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 Oops Problems, Need Knowledgable Contact

Good Morning All:

I need to discuss some rather strange, and volatile, Oops problems
that I have encountered while writing a character mode, installable
device driver.  I would like to do this with someone who has had some
experience with this kind of problem.

In general, Oops occur at different points within the driver, depending
upon how much code there is in the driver!  Sometimes it works fine,
other times, the first call to the driver by an application fails.

Oops codes are all 0000.

Being a newbie, I'm not certain how much of this is my fault -:),
or whether or not I have found a hole.  The kernel is 2.0.30, RedHat 4.2

Thanks in advance

Roger J. Pryor P. Eng.      Email:
Pryor and Pryor Inc.        Telephone: (+1)(604) 685-2621
602 - 1230 Comox Street     Fax:       (+1)(604) 685-2621
Vancouver, B.C., V6E 1K7, Canada

 Sat, 29 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT   
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