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 retrieve record from record file(binary) to output to disply, need help
Dear linux programmers(c/c++):

  I use following subsetion of my programs to try to retrieve the
record(some string variable cusnumber, from a record(binary) file,
but I get nothing (NULL of that string) at outfile(either display or
I uses djgpp compiler with the book of c++(Liberty, sam , white) on

  Please help, welcome any tech suggestions, sincere eric,


  ifstream CustomerInFile("CustomerFile.fil",ios::binary|ios::nocreate);

      //  *) &customer, sizeof(customer));"cusrep.txt");
        outfile << " Customer number, Customer name, Address, City,
State,dateofbirth, PhoneNumber, Balance\n";

        //while (  *) &customer, sizeof(customer))
        while ((CustomerInFile))

        *) &customer, sizeof(customer));

                  //cout << " Customer number, Customer name, Address, City,
//State,dateofbirth, PhoneNumber, Balance\n";
                    *cusnumber = *customer.cusnumber;

CustomerInFile.get(cusnumber, 6);

         outfile  << customer.cusnumber;
         cout << cusnumber << "-------cusnumber\n";

 Sun, 26 Sep 2004 16:16:02 GMT   
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