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 smbc_lseek() doesn't work :(
Everytime I call smbc_lseek(fd, offset, whence) with
fd = a valid descriptor opened with smbc_open(url, O_RDONLY, 0);
offset = my desired offset (casted from a long)
whence = SEEK_SET (or 0)

it return (off_t)-1 and errno contains EINVAL. I've checked
smbc_lseek()'s source code and this can happen in two cases:
a) whence is != to SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, and SEEK_END.
b) fd is not a valid opened file.

I'm not in the a case, neither in the b one. So I don't understant at all...
This sucks since I cannot resume transfert if I can't seek into the files.


 Mon, 20 Sep 2004 01:58:29 GMT   
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