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 global variable in shared library.

  I have encounted a problem that, when a global variable is declared in shared
library, if the application using that library has the same variable name, but
with different size ( for example,  in library, I declared 'char myname[256]'
and in the application, I delcared 'char myname[128]'). The application _may_
crash during termination.

 What is the rule of using global variable in a shared library? I was doing
mostly Win32 application and it is not a problem as all as the global variable
in a DLL is tight in the DLL address space only. It is not visisble to the
process unless you explicitly put into a shared memory region.


- Wong

 Mon, 21 Apr 2003 12:00:52 GMT   
 global variable in shared library.
Wong Ka Chun ( wrote:

Shouldn't you declare the variable as

extern char *myname;
extern char myname[n];  /* n can be anything you want */

I think you just declare a local variable, so when you try to access memory
beyond the 128th byte, you corrupt it.

Erik Hensema (
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 Mon, 21 Apr 2003 19:00:50 GMT   
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