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 new versions of KA9Q and time support
I've created new versions of the following files.  They are available
now on, /pub/linux, and were uploaded to tsx-11
  ka9qsrc.tar.Z, ka9qbin.tar.Z - KA9Q TCP/IP
  timesrc.tar.Z, timebin.tar.Z - support for time zones

KA9Q contains a couple of bug fixes for problems that showed up when
using compressed SLIP over noisy phone lines:
  - insufficient error checking in the IP layer, particularly in
        IP options processing.  Invalid IP options could cause
        KA9Q to loop.  (In this case the invalid IP options occured
        because of packed damaged by line noise or dropped characters.
        See the next bug.)
  - when compressed SLIP is in use, IP header checksums are ignored.
        This bug is present in the generic code from Van Jacobson.
        Thus I suspect it's present in most implementations of
        compressed SLIP.  The bug allows bad packets to be processed
        at the IP layer.  I believe they will be thrown away at the
        TCP layer, but they can trigger any latent bugs in the IP
        code, and result in spurious ICMP error messages being sent
        back to the source.

time contains the following fixes:
  - fixes the coding for day of the week in the CMOS clock.  It's
        not clear to me that any software actually uses this field,
        but someone reported it as a bug.
  - fixes a bug that could result in an impossible date when
        displaying data from the CMOS clock.
  - timesrc now includes tzfile.h (which is really part of the
        libc source, but is needed to compile zic).

For those not familiar with time, it contains files and programs
needed if you want to run your system on its correct time zone.
Without this, your system is running on local time.  This has two
problems: (1) you have to reset the time twice a year due to daylight
time, (2) creation times on files in tar archives and other portable
formats will be off by the number of hours your system is away from
GMT.  timebin includes
  - /usr/lib/zoneinfo, a set of files that describe the properties
        of the various times zones.  This is needed in order to
        take advantage of the time zone support that's built
        into libc.
  - clock, a program for setting your Unix time from the CMOS
        clock when you boot (The kernel does this, but does not
        deal with time zones correctly.), or for setting the CMOS
        clock from the Unix time.
  - date.X, a copy of date linked with libraries that understand
        time zones.  You shouldn't need this if you've got a
        fairly recent copy of date.  (The libraries that come
        with GCC 2.11c and later understand time zones.)  I
        recommend using the date that's supplied with
        shellutil-1.6 (and presumably the MCC distribution)
        rather than this if you have it.
  - time.doc, which explains how to set up your time zone and
        what to put in /etc/rc.

timesrc is the source to /usr/lib/zoneinfo and clock.
/usr/lib/zoneinfo contains binary zone description files.  The source
is a set of ascii descriptions and a time zone compiler (zic) that
compiles the binary file from the ascii descriptions.  I don't supply
source to date, since it's part of shellutil-1.6, for which source is
already in the archives.

 Tue, 13 Dec 1994 15:05:54 GMT   
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