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 NEWSPAK v1.0 uploaded to
Well, the long threatened :-) Newspak v1.0 has been uploaded to

Here's the blurb in it...


This is newspak v1.0, which is an accumulation of USENET news-related
programs, all ready to compile under linux. It is intended to complement
(but not replace in any way) Ed Carp's 'mailpak', which provides uucp and
mail functionality for Linux.

You'll definitely need mailpak or the same programs from something like
the 'SLS' package) to provide basic functionality that newspak requires.
At this writing, the current mailpak is v1.3, which contains Taylor UUCP
v1.03, Elm2.3pl11, a pretty slick local mail agent, and a uucp status
monitor program called 'uustatus'.

Newspak is currently available in source-only format.


Newspak contains the following:

        C-news 12/22/91 patchdate, which is the up-to-date official
                version.  It does 'not' contain the May'92 optional
                speedup patches at all.

        Tin1.1pl4 - a threaded newsreader generally intended to be easy
                to learn and use

        Trn2.2 - a threaded derivative of the 'rn' newsreader.

        Smail3.1.28, which is the up-to-date official version from the
                usual anonymous ftp locations.  Smail is a VERY smart
                mailer that is generally the program of choice for uucp
                systems that can't run the Internet semi-standard of

        Newspak.tar.Z - which is a small archive of porting guides
                and required config files for the above, in case you
                already have the sources, but can't get 'em to compile.

Newspak comes on a number of floppies due to the size of the packages
involved.  It is anticipated that this will be the only version containing
'smail3.1.28' if a future mailpak begins to include it.

I am aware that there are more recent patches to 'tin' and 'trn'.  I'll grab
them as I find time and incorporate them in a future newspak.  The versions
here run fine as far as I know, so I felt it was more important to get a
version out for use at this time.

Recommended environment

The above compile and run on my system at home (0.97p5 kernel over 0.97p2
mcc-interim, with gcc2.2.2d+jump4.1 compiler, and mailpak1.03 uucp/mail).
I have compiled, installed, and run them just fine with a 0.98p1 kernel also
just to make sure that they'll work.

Many folks in comp.os.linux who have done similar work have given their
help in terms of config files, how-to's, patches, etc. to help me get USENET
up and running under Linux. Their help is much appreciated, since without
them I'd still be stuck running MS-DOS :-)

Help requested
Help!!! If you have ported the 'nn' newsreader, please drop me a line with
how you did it.  If you have any other threaded newsreaders you've ported
that you'd like included, please let me know via e-mail.

                                        Vince Skahan

     ---------- Vince Skahan --------- ----------
    Running Linux/C-news/trn/Elm/Smail - we don't need no s{*filter*}kin' MS-DOS

 Fri, 14 Apr 1995 23:38:45 GMT   
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