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 PBBS v1.9 uploaded to sunsite
Uploaded to

This is Pirates BBS v1.9 for Linux.
It started out as a straight port, but I've added some enhancements over
the last month to make it more usable. (See docs for more info)

PBBS *requires* working kernel TCP/IP. The installation is somewhat involved,
and currently must be done by hand, since there are so many variations on the
setup. 10 MB of disk space is recommended for an active system.

If you want to see PBBS in action, telnet to and log
in as bbs. I'm also running it as a dialup at the number listed below.
It is designed to support many simultaneous users, chat, talk, mail, and more.
If you're planning to run it on a network though, be aware I've not tested it
in such an environment.


David L. Black     I/O Diagnostics Development   Hip-Hop BBS: Linux support   Amdahl Corp., Sunnyvale CA    408-773-0768 V.32bis/HST

 Sun, 09 Apr 1995 00:23:45 GMT   
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