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 vat, vic, sdr, mbone woes

(using linux 2.0.25)

I'm using sdr v2.3a1 and trying to get vat working.
sdr sees the various sessions without a problem yet
when I try starting vat (v3.5), all I get is

vat: bad command line switch

I can start vat alone without seeing this message.
When I do the following, I don't get any audio nor
do I see any sessions active:

% vat

(the sound card works fine with other apps and the test
tone in vat also works ok).

1.  Has anyone seen the error message above?  And
    if so, am I using the wrong version of vat?
    Or maybe I can change the command line switch
    in sdr (but how?).

2.  Has anyone sucessfully compiled vat 4.0 for
    linux?  Can I have the binary (elf or a.out)?


 Fri, 07 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
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