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 Netgear Route/Linux DHCP Question from Newbie
Hello all!

I have a 4 port Netgear RT 314 Router (set up to hand out IP address) I
guess it acts as the DHCP server this is connected to the INternet via a
cable modem (Mediaone/ATT) I also have various Windoze machine on my home

Here is the problem. As far as I can tell the eth0 card on my linux machine
(Caldera version ? 2.2 kernal) is working OK I can ping and it
comes back OK. I try to click on (in the network setup area) on DHCP to
obtain IP adress, and it keeps defaulting back to a set IP address. I assume
once I get the linux machine I can then surf the net. Netgear has already
said the route should hand out an IP address. Also the best I can tell SAMBA
in not currently installed. I will install it later once I can surf the net.

Please e-mail me with I will probably lose my posting or
forget how to get back to this site

Thanks John

 Wed, 10 Mar 2004 11:08:28 GMT   
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