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 Disk space usage!!!!
Hi all

Greetings to all

Recently i am noticing in my linux pc (RHL 8) one of the file
partition shows 1.8 Gb used, but when i am checking with "du -a"
command, it is showing 329 Mb of disk space, i was trying to locate
who is using that space but i am not able to identify it, finally i
need to reboot the pc, then it is showing only 16% of the disk space
used, now i got back the rest.

Can anyone tell me , which service occupies that much of disk space
and how to get back that space without rebooting...



 Tue, 16 Aug 2005 23:29:50 GMT   
 Disk space usage!!!!
In article <>, "sanjeev"

Newsreaders with cache.
Netscape and the likes with cache.
FTP's via programs like netscape, netscape will fill up the cache first
before writing the incomming file to /tmp/somefilename.exe which is also
a tmp file, only when the file is complete does netscape actually write
the file to the destination directory and delete the tmp file, it does
not however delete the cache.

Any other program with cache.
Keep the cache small.
Flush it and see how much space returns.

The /tmp dir itself gets used a lot with tempory files which only get
deleted upon exiting X or as you discovered rebooting.

Some of the things above only concern small amounts of disk space, others

Regards Richard

 Wed, 17 Aug 2005 01:11:59 GMT   
 Disk space usage!!!!
On Fri the 28 Feb 2003 at 07 hours EST

Only the /tmp, /var, and /home partitions should dynamically increase
in size.  Look for files there.


 Wed, 17 Aug 2005 02:27:47 GMT   
 Disk space usage!!!!

Could me multiple small files in which case du -a isn't going to be super
helpful. I'd stick with a du | sort -n and traverse the directory structure
by hand. NO idea what could have been sucking down that level of disk space.

Seth H Holmes

 Wed, 17 Aug 2005 02:44:15 GMT   
 Disk space usage!!!!
Seth H Holmes <> wrote in message <>...

Hi guys!

i checked /tmp folder it is showing 2% usage, and i tried du |sort -n
also still it is showing the 329 Mb only, my home directory is showing
70% usage
,/var/spool and /var/mail shows minimal usage

by the way how to clear cache,?

thanx and regds


 Wed, 17 Aug 2005 10:51:55 GMT   
 Disk space usage!!!! (sanjeev) said:

So, am I reading correctly that you get "1.8Gb used" from "df" output
for a filesystem where "du -a" only shows 329Mb? (btw, I'd recommend
flags "-skx" for du for checking this - and the du command needs to be
run as root - otherwise it may be that it just doesn't have permissions
to go through all the directories within the file system)

And rebooting your system did clear the problem?

This then means that some process has opened (one or several) files
and is holding them open, even though it has already removed them
from the directory structure. This is not an error - it is a commonly
used way for keeping private temporary files: the file will be
unallocated immediately when the last process having the file open
exits (whatever way the process does exit).

Here output of "lsof" could help to identify the process (if you see
this behaviour again); so, f.ex. if the problematic partition was /var,
you'd run "lsof /var" to see all open files on /var. To reduce clutter
on the listing, you migh use "lsof /var | grep REG" to only show
entries for regular files. This shows file names (possibly empty or
"nonsense" for unlinked but still open files), file sizes and quite
a mass of other information.
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 Wed, 17 Aug 2005 17:32:00 GMT   
 Disk space usage!!!! (sanjeev) wrote in


RHL 8 is the one. get rid of it and use _real_ *u*x. RHL imo no longer is a
Linux distribution. It's become super GUIed - too GUIed to configure/etc.


 Fri, 19 Aug 2005 07:59:04 GMT   
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