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 Newbie: Configure DHCP on Linux to request IP address from W2K

Newbie question - first time with linux (Mandrake 8).  

I need to connect my Linux Mandrake 8 box with Win2k laptop so that
both machines can ping each other successfully - however, I need the
W2k machine to be the DCHP server. does anyone have links to a
"Dummies" guide to accomplish the above?  If so, please help!

(PS: I am not interested in file sharing yet e.g. samba(?) - or is
this necessary for the above request?)



 Fri, 14 Nov 2003 23:00:26 GMT   
 Newbie: Configure DHCP on Linux to request IP address from W2K

I found that using "dhclient" from worked better than the
DHCP clients included with many Linux distros.

AIUI you need W2K Server to be a DHCP server. I may be wrong. W2K is not
a speciality of mine:)

If you're just connecting 2 machines, is DHCP actually needed? I've
stopped bothering with it for 10 machines, but it comes into its own
when there are hundreds.

No. Samba provides file sharing as you say, it has no role in basic

Regards, Ian

 Sat, 15 Nov 2003 02:26:50 GMT   
 Newbie: Configure DHCP on Linux to request IP address from W2K


You might like to take a look at the URL:

No you don't need SAMBA to establish DHCP communications, however you will
need SAMBA to allow files to be transfered between the various hosts at a
later date.

See ya

Dean Thompson

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 Sat, 15 Nov 2003 21:55:06 GMT   
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