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 poppassd port read-only from windows???

G'day all,

I've got a wierd problem with poppassd from windows machines. I'm running
Debian 1.2 with the poppassd .deb installed.

When I try and change passwords using Eudora, it times out with error
messages. So I tried telnet to port 106 (used by poppassd according to
/etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf), and I got different things depending
on what OS I was running.

I always "see" the poppassd prompt come up, and from a linux machine, I
can type responces and see what I type echoed back. But from windows,
anything I type seems to go nowhere. It's like windows treats port 106 on
my linux machine as read-only. There is also a subtle difference between
the poppassd prompt from windows and from linux. It appears that windows
sucks up or misses the first character sent.

From linux, I get;
200 minkirri poppassd v1.2 hello, who are you?

From windows, I get;
00 minkirri poppassd v1.2 hello, who are you?

When using linux, I have tried from localhost, and from another machine
over ethernet. Both worked fine.

When using windows, I've tried from a dialup connection, and over
ethernet (the same machine and IP address as used for linux ethernet
test). Neither worked, and both showed the same symptoms.

I've been using teraterm and win3.11 with TCP32B stack over ethernet for
the win-ethernet test, and win3.11 with Trumpet for the dialup-win test.
Everything else works fine for any of the configurations tried, only
poppassd from windows is broken.

I can't understand why port 106 would be "read-only" from a machine
running windows, and yet work fine from the same machine (and ip address)
running linux. I didn't think you could even make a port "read-only". At
first I thought it might be the TCP32 stack that was the culprit, but the
behavior is the same using Trumpet.

Any clues anyone?


 Fri, 22 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
 poppassd port read-only from windows???

On Tue, 6 May 1997 wrote:

local echo in the telnet client is not the problem. When telneting from
linux, I have local echo disabled, and the poppassd at the other end does
the echo for me. Under windows, I have the same setup, but nothing echoes
back, because poppassd is not getting anything.

I know poppassd is not getting anything, because under linux, if I type an
invalid responce and hit enter, poppassd sends back a message about
"invalid responce, username expected" and terminates the connection.

Under windows, I can type {*filter*}all day and nothing happens. If local echo
was turned off, typed characters should still get through, right? When I
do a "ps -ax" on the poppassd end, I can see the poppassd process{*filter*}
there waiting for a responce. This is consistant with Eudora timing out
waiting for a responce.


 Sun, 24 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
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