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 newbie dynamic dns update via dhcp question
Hi NG,

I am pretty new on linux network setup. I have been able to setup a dhcp
server and a dns server by following some step by step tutorials. I does
work, but I have no clue on what I have been doing.

I use dhcpd and named for the dhcp server and the dns server.

So my first question is does anybody have a good link for me about
configuring those two servers. I would like a step by step tutorial, but
one that also clearly states what I am doing and why.

My second question is, is it possible to have the dhcp server to update
the dns server with the machine names it gives IP's to? And if so can
someone please point me to a clear link about this.

I have tries to google for these subjects, but I don't get any usefull
stuff. So if someone says: google for it... OK, please tell me what to
google for exactly, and I'll know for next time.

Thanks in advance,

 Mon, 20 Mar 2006 18:26:46 GMT   
 newbie dynamic dns update via dhcp question

"Capstar" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
Have a look at here you can get the newest
version of bind and dhcpd.

The man pages that come with them should help you

 Mon, 20 Mar 2006 23:56:35 GMT   
 newbie dynamic dns update via dhcp question

Of course it's possible, anything is possible with Linux, it's just a matter
of how badly you want it, and how much time you want to spend..

BIND has a tutorial on writing a script to perform DDNS...  You can also
have your clients perform DNS updates directly, but that's typically frowned

Keep in mind that Microsoft's implementation of DNS is somewhat different
than it was originally intended to work..  For example, in the UNIX world
when you want to use DHCP they have more of a BOOTP implementation where the
DHCP server has a reservation for your MAC address and a hostname to
follow..       In the Microsoft world it works backwards, where the client
sends a MAC address AND a host name and gets and IP..


 Sat, 25 Mar 2006 15:27:47 GMT   
 newbie dynamic dns update via dhcp question

Google for: Linux dns dhcp howto

Will probably take you to:

Has a step-by-step for exactly what you are trying to do. Very good
docs - I used them last year and had a dynamic dns with 3 zones up and
running in 2 hours ;)

 Sun, 26 Mar 2006 00:19:06 GMT   
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