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 xntpd 3 & SCO OSE3


 Has someone successfully compiled xntp3 daemon on OpenServer 3 ? I tried
versions 3.5f and newest 3.5.85, but without success. The first one has no
machine specific configuration file for SVR3. The second one uses
automatic configuration and compiles ok, but upon starting it writes to

Aug 21 15:25:44 gig xntpd[11923]: Unknown kernel var _tick

Running tickadj gives:

tickadj: the value of tick is silly!

Which kernel variables should it use for tick and tickadj ?


Lauri Laupmaa
+372 6 505127

 Tue, 09 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
 xntpd 3 & SCO OSE3

In article <>,

I don't have access to the TCP development kit, so I haven't tried, but...

My understanding is that SCO 3 doesn't implement clock fine adjustment in
any form which is understandable to the standard xntp code.  In particular,
tickadj is effectively of the order of 10,000, as it can only drop and add
whole ticks, not modify the length of a tick, as assumed by xntpd.  As xntpd
is expecting a tickadj of around 5, 10,000 may easily be considered

Note that you will also need to apply a kernel patch, as reposted in the
last couple of weeks, to disable the synch to time of day function in the
kernel (cf. tickadj -s on SunOS).

With the patch, the NTP V2 code, supplied by SCO, keeps reasonable time,
although with poor resolution.
David Woolley, London, England

 Thu, 11 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
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