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 cu, compress and uuencode; data loss

I've configured a dial-up connection from home using, to work
(5.0.0d); I use cu to dial in, connect at 28.8, V42bis. On the machine
at work, I've created 3 files - one, using

find . -name "*" -depth | cpio -o > cpio_file

and then

compress -cF -H cpio_file > compressed_file

and the other 2

compress -cF -H * > compressed_file

The files at this stage are ~450K, 2.4Mb, and 246K respectively.

After uuencoding, using

uuencode local_compressed_file remote_compressed_file > uuencoded_file

their sizes are increased by ~35%

I connect from home, and enter

~[node_name]%take uuencoded_file

and get them across with no problem.

I uudecode on

the largest file manages ~122K of decoded output, and then fails
with "No end line", which the file has; the other 2 decode OK.

When I run

uncompress compressed_file

the first outputs the first file only from the compressed_file
(all 46 bytes) and exits; the cpio'ed one manages 65K
and then says "Bad decode table" and exits.

I've tried this using compress from both systems.

Can anyone help?


 Sat, 08 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
 cu, compress and uuencode; data loss

cu's ~%put, ~%take "protocols" are no such thing.  They just dump data
at one end and read it at the other.  Line noise and buffer overruns are

I used to be able to transcribe Morse code at a little over 5WPM (enough
to get a ham license before they removed the code requirement).  If you
tried to get me to transcribe 5WPM now... that's about what you're doing
with cu.  Use kermit, xc, rz/sz, something like that which is actually
designed for error-free transfer.

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 Mon, 10 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
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