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 custom won't read CD ROM, Re: SCO Unix problem(s)

... I won't discuss this problem since you have undoubtably fixed it by
removing the LPR package.  Whether you can now clean up the wreckage is
the real question...

SCO product CD ROMs are in a bizarre format called "CD tape", containing
what is essentially a dd image of a distribution tape.  To access them
you must have the CD tape driver (cdt) linked into your kernel, and you
must have the device node /dev/rcdt0.  Absence of the driver or device
node wouldn't prevent you from accessing EAFS or 9660 filesystems, only
installation discs.  To correct: `mkdev cdrom`, follow the prompts.  I'm
pretty sure it lets you turn on cdt without doing anything else.  If
not, remove all CD ROM support, then re-add it and say yes when it asks
about CD tape.

Another possibility is that you might have edited
/etc/perms/bundle/odtes (or ...odtps, depending on which OS product
you've got).  There are some instructions to edit that file if you're
installing the LLI network drivers update.  The instructions are to
change a "C" to an "F", so you can install the update from floppy.
Afterwards you're supposed to change the "F" back to "C".  If you forgot
to do that, custom(ADM) would never be able to get at your distribution
disc again.

If neither of these ideas helps, post the actual error message(s) you
get from custom.

Note that SCO Unix traffic is migrating to the new newsgroups
comp.unix.sco.{misc,programmer,announce}.  I've crossposted this and set
followups to use the appropriate new group.

 Sun, 12 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT   
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