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 NT/SCO lpr problem - filters CR/NL conversions, etc

I am trying to integrate SCO 3.2 and NT printing services.  I have problems
going either way.  I am (for the sake of brevity) only work with NT -> SCO
right now.

Facts:  The IP and and naming conventions are correct.
I can get the print job from NT to SCO
All local SCO print jobs work A-ok, although they are only text and Word
Perfect (for UNIX) files.
Printing TEXT files from NT -> SCO works great.

The problem is in printing non-text files (i.e., Word documents) from an NT
system to an HP Laserjet III on the SCO system.  The job gets to the queue
and comes out the printer, but the fonts get blown away.

Closest I have been able to determine is that the "default" print filter is
causing the problem.  I have transferred the Word document to the SCO
system via TCP and printed it with

lp -d LASERUP -T simple -r /usr2/robs/worddoc.doc

(where LASERUP is the HP Laserjet III on the SCO system)

When printing in this manner (telling it not to use the filter), the
document prints just fine, with no damage to the fonts.  Printing it any
other way scrambles the fonts.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.  My current thought is that if I can
define a printer on the SCO system that does not use a print filter, I can
simply make it available to NT via lpr services, and be done with it.  I
cannot use the -r option (don't use a filter) from NT because lpr doesn't
support use of the -r flag for remote printers.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.  I appreciate your time to look at

 Tue, 02 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
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