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 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2

I know there is no "support" for the beta's but
I also realize that KDE 2.0 was not much better
so I upgraded and really like the improvements.

Some say it's hardware conflicts, nope, my hardware
worked flawlessly in Mandrake 7.1/KDE 1.XX, I do
the BIG upgrade to Mandrake 7.2/KDE 2.0 and it
seems the KDE is crashing all the time. I sent in bug
reports and I get these confirmations then a few days'
later I get these notices that they weren't able to recreate
the problem so they were "discarding" the bug report.
Well that sucks big ones.

So then I attempt the scary and improbable and upgrade
to KDE 2.0.1 Crashes all over the place, so then I attempt
to upgrade to KDE 2.1 beta1, hmmmm actually better but
still crashes. So then I upgrade to KDE 2.1beta 2, hmmmm
even better, BUT, yea you guessed it, crashes, in areas that
I really need stability.

Try to download the 2.4.1 kernel, quit *3* times after about
1MB, tried to access my win_c drive, crashed all over the
place, tried using KWord, there are too many things to mention
here, no crashes, per say, but just a mess trying to get a letter
written, gave up and used WordPerfect2000 Office, still getting
double windows invoked if I use the 'quick browser' in the *K*
menu to access, say, * /usr/bin *, well I also get * / * opening up
as well. All this seems to have something to do with the libraries
but I am no tech and IT'S NOT MY JOB TO FIX IT, so I use
Gnome when I need to access win_c (no problems), in fact none
of the described problems crop up when I use Gnome. I just don't
like Gnome, it's **Muddy** looking interface and icons are a real
turn off. I like the way KDE functions, but this is just too much to
deal with for an "end user".

Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

I am back in Windows, I guess when Mandrake releases the new
distro sometime in April (will contain the 2.4.X kernel and hopefully
KDE 2.1 Final and Gnome 1.4, Ect.........) I will get e{*filter*}d again,
right now I am nothing but frustrated, I can't work in an environment
like this.

Don't flame me for using the KDE beta, the KDE 2.0 and KDE 2.0.1
which were Final's were crashing even worse. I was trying ANYTHING
to try and get a more stable working desktop.


Richard : () ~

 Sun, 20 Jul 2003 23:54:06 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2
In article <959jcv$>,
Richard A. McCormick <> wrote:

        This isn't a flame :-).

        For me, (with RedHat not Mandrake) the best solution
was to bite the bullet and compile it myself.  From the tone
of your post, it doesn't sound like you want to do that, and
in fact it's not easy.  However, for me the result has always
been a *far* more stable and fast environment.

        Stability and speed are important, but that's not all.
Another plus from compiling it is that you can make changes --
something that is very nice when you find an annoying little
feature that rubs you the wrong way.  See the recent thread
on Konqueror's annoying confirmations for an example.

        Another plus is that you can put all the files in
/opt/kde where they belong, instead of having them smeared
haphazardly across all of /usr like RedHat does (and Mandrake
too I've been told).

        Anyway, it's just a suggestion,

George R. Welch O-
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 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 02:09:42 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2

Richard> Don't flame me for using the KDE beta, the KDE 2.0 and KDE 2.0.1
Richard> which were Final's were crashing even worse. I was trying ANYTHING
Richard> to try and get a more stable working desktop.

No flames, sure. But don't be surprise to get so many crashes with
such a instable system : the 2.4.1 kernel is one of the first of the
2.4.x series and everyone knows these release need maturation : they
are not for the end user. If you want a stable kernel, stick to the

I'm using KDE-2.0.1 and, except some very little bugs, i found it
rather stable. I'm surely not trying a beta as i don't want to have to
work on the code.

ric Jacoboni, n il y a 1284329223 secondes.

 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 03:12:12 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2
You might grab the sources and compile KDE yourself.  I'm always using
the latest CVS, compiled every morning (takes about an hour or less).
Even with KDE 2.0, I never experienced the crashing problems you are


"There is no insanity, just different perceptions of reality."

 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 05:26:11 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2

You obviously have hosed your system.  I'm running KDE 2.0 (RH 7.0) and
it's VERY stable.  KDE Office is very buggy and shouldn't have been
released as anything but beta.  Since you don't sound like you're willing
to troubleshoot, suggest you reinstall from scratch.  Otherwise, just wait
for the new distro releases which should be coming within the next 4-6

I use GNU/Linux and support the Free Software Foundation. This message was
composed and transmitted using free software, licensed under the General
Public License.

 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 04:53:24 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2
Thanks Guys,

I really appreciate your "no flame" responses. I always found it more mature
and "nicer" to answer with out all "that".

So the solution to the problems I am having is to recompile KDE myself. I
can handle that, but I don't know where to begin to do it. Can I use the
RPM's to do this, since I already have those it would be nice. If not, where
do I go to get them, and what are all the packages I will need to "do the
deed"?? Promise to take notes and print them out and all.

Aside from the other things mentioned I also have no sound when trying to
play an audio CD. I can rip that same CD using GRIP and play them just fine
using XMMS, but no sound using the CDPlayer, trying to listen to an audio CD
for the CD ROM. Cards configured right, obviously there are midi modules in
place. I think it's a conflict of some sort going on. So my "other" question
is: What flag or command do I issue during the compile to include the
correct modules or what every to clear this
"other" problem up??

By the way, I am using the 2.2.x kernel. If I don't know how to compile KDE
you think I would attempt to compile a kernel ; )  I'm crazy, but not that

So who wants to help me here, any takers. PLEASE!!

Thank you

Richard : )~


Stephen A. Lee <> wrote in message

 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 10:57:26 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2

I wouldn't say that there is no support.  It is more like you
volunteered to be an unpaid software tester.  :-)

Unless you want to build the current CVS yourself, about all you can do
is wait for the next build to be released.

20010122 works much better but I think the Konqueror (as file manager)
crashes more often.


 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:50:55 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2

You will also need to learn how to use CVS.  Something I was meaning to do

I suppose we should start with the HOWTO:

CVS down load is where you get the source to compile.


 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:56:09 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2
On 31 Jan 2001 20:12:12 +0100, Eric Jacoboni <> wrote:

As far as I understand, the 2.3.x kernels were not for the end users. The
2.4.0 /1 is in the stable line. Anyway, the 2.4.1 kernel works fine for me,
no crashes, with Kde2.1beta2.

Even if it's called beta, the Kde2.1beta2 works far better than the 2.0.1. I
had crashes with the 2.0.1. They ceased with the 2.1beta1, and on the beta2
(continuously running) there was none until now.

Richard, your problems must have other reasons. Check your system for other
dependencies. Have you installed Qt2.2.1, better Qt2.2.3 ? Kde2.1 relies on

Eggert Ehmke

 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 20:48:06 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2
You know, a few people have reported problems with their sounds after
upgrading.  But if I were you,  I'd start from scratch.  Reformat and
reinstall from cd, run mandrake updates.  Then upgrade the kernel, then
kde if so desired.  But you've been having problems for quite a while,
and upgrading isn't going to solve them imo.  You really should just

In article <95aq8q$>, "Richard A. McCormick"

 Mon, 21 Jul 2003 19:08:25 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2

Eggert> As far as I understand, the 2.3.x kernels were not for the end
Eggert> users. The 2.4.0 /1 is in the stable line. Anyway, the 2.4.1
Eggert> kernel works fine for me, no crashes, with Kde2.1beta2.

Yes, that's true : 2.2^x.y kernels are considered as stable, but first
release of a branch often contains some bugs (remember first 2.2.x
releases). My opinion is that, if there is no particular need to
upgrade a kernel, we don't need to upgrade... Furthermore, RH 7.0 is
known to use a non-stable gcc : don't use it to build a kernel, use
the kgcc package (or "how to make things harder"). Anyway, it's far
from this group theme, isn't ?

Eggert> Even if it's called beta, the Kde2.1beta2 works far better
Eggert> than the 2.0.1. I had crashes with the 2.0.1. They ceased with
Eggert> the 2.1beta1, and on the beta2 (continuously running) there
Eggert> was none until now.

As i've said before, KDE-2.0.1 runs ok on my box (FreeBSD). I've tried
to build a 2.1beta2 but it fails on building kdebase so i cannot test

ric Jacoboni, n il y a 1284411348 secondes.

 Tue, 22 Jul 2003 02:03:23 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2
Hi Group,

Well, I took James advice and read through the How-To and found that there
is allot of info there. #1-19 was pretty well laid out for one such as me
(newbie-ish) but then there were all these other "scripts??" that followed,
what do I do with them?  I didnt' realize that compiling was such a hassle.
These scripts are: editf, sadd, scommit, sdelete, sdif, sedit, sfreeze,
sget, sinfo, slist, slog, sunlock, and supdate.

Also, I mentioned this in another post in this thread, I have no sound in
KDE or Gnome when trying to play an Audio CD off of the CDROM. I can use
Grip to rip the music and then it plays just fine using XMMS or whatever,
but directly off of the CDROM, it goes through the motions of playing it,
but no sound. Is there a flag or command to add into the compiling command
to "fix" this?? I know there must be some sort of blockage going on to
prevent the correct sound modules to do their thing. I have tried everything
to get it "unblocked" I just don't know enough about this to go deeper into
it. Nor do I want too, really. If there is a fix or maybe will fix itself do
this "compiling" thing, then great, if not I have an issue. I listen to CD's
in Windows all the time as I'm working and I prefer to have this option in
Linux, it takes up to much of my disk space to rip the music onto the hard
drive, and that limits me to what I listen too. Any ideas or suggestions to
this dilema??

Thank you.

Richard : )~


James Richard Tyrer <> wrote in message

 Tue, 22 Jul 2003 03:07:30 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2
In article <95cj3m$>,
Richard A. McCormick <> wrote:

I know this may sound dumb, but have you looked at the mixer settings?
Check out kmix or xmixer and see if your CD has outputs turned on.  I
think mine was off default.

- Dirk

 Tue, 22 Jul 2003 06:49:26 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2

Did all of that, multiple times, wasn't the mixer at all. Like I said, I can
rip the music off of the disk and play it just fine in XMMS, et all... but
directly off of the CDROM Drive, no go, no sound. Trying every player that
plays .wav files, no luck. I read that there are folks that have problems in
KDE and not in Gnome, but I have this "no volume" problem in both. Hard
Drake says every thing is configured fine, plays the 8 bit and 16 bit clips
just fine. Don't think it's a problem with hardware, as some think it may
be, I ran Mandrake 7.1/KDE 1.X.X flawlessly. VERY stable and no problems at
all. I am almost sorry I took the plunge into all of this, but part of my
personal philosophy is to keep moving forward, never backwards (unlike a
certain Bush that has rooted himself in the White House). So I will be
patient and I guess wait for the new release in April (Mandrake 7.3 or 8.0,

Thank you, though for your input.

Richard : )~



 Tue, 22 Jul 2003 06:49:54 GMT   
 Crashing KDE 21.beta 2


some crash (assertion failure actually) has slipped into the Beta, you
may want to update to current CVS, which has this fixed.

Carsten Pfeiffer

 Tue, 22 Jul 2003 10:28:09 GMT   
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