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 Desperate: Redhat 8.0 - hooked different monitor to it, won't work
I know this is a dumb question but I am new to Linux and this Redhat
8.0 system was hooked up to a 21" monitor.  Well when I tried several
different PC monitors and this last one being a new monitor, it boots
up through all the startup scripts but I can't get into the graphical
menu.  I get a big question mark on the monitor at that point.  Its
like it doesn't recognize the monitor.

Is there something I need to set somewhere?  I am on a time
constraint, please help.

I just thought the system would redetect a different monitor.

Write soon..thx...

 Tue, 08 Nov 2005 01:28:51 GMT   
 Desperate: Redhat 8.0 - hooked different monitor to it, won't work

Your system expects the 'old' 21" monitor for which it has the
settings. Since that isn't there anymore, it does 'see' the new one
but frankly doesn't know what it should do with it (may not have
correct settings for them). It is nothing more than an overrated
typewrite remember?

So switch to a character console (ctrl-alt-f1 should do the trick)
login as root and run the program that lets you redefine you monitor
(either a non-graphic shell scripts or SaX2 (in case of SuSE).

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 Thu, 17 Nov 2005 21:45:59 GMT   
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