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 newb Q, script files
Sorry to ask this question, but Im new to BSD.  When I edit my
reslv.conf file and my rc.conf  file and save it, when I reboot, OpenBSD
puts it back to what it was before and in my mail I get a message that
says that my resolv.conf and rc.conf doesn't match.  How can I make it
so it permenantly save my changes?  Specifically, I want named to be
started when I boot and in resolv.conf, I want my first nameserver to be  Also, how come when I run named, and I try to use DNS from
another server on the local network, my machine says it cant find the
name for my local DNS server and it wont let me use it?  Thanks for your
time in advance.  I'd really appreciate any information
Jason Toy

 Mon, 23 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT   
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