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 forte 6u2 demo, workshop command not found
I will try and recall the chain of event that lead to my frustrating problem:
-fresh install of Solaris 9 (8 days ago)
-install Forte 6 update 2 30 demo (1 week ago).
-install Sun Studio 8 Compiler Collection, and connect to Forte
  (same day as above)
-everything works, code is compiled, Workshop works fine.
-install some more stuff, get everything how I like it.
-I get back to programming, and whenever I type workshop, I got wierd error
  messages which I can't remember any more, something like
  ../../WS6/very/convoluded/../../../SUNWspro/../path could not exec
-I thought maybe problem was with workshop, so I uninstalled,
  using the java class file in /var/sadm/prod.... Then reinstalled.
  Problem not fixed.
-I did the same reinstall procedure with the Studio 8 CC.
  Problem not fixed.
-I uninstalled both.  Then just reinstalled Forte. I figure the forte 6u2
  compilers will be good enough, I just want to debug some code!!!
  Now the 'workshop' command is not there!
-The CC and cc, etc, all tools seem to be there, but no workshop?  The workshop
  command does not even exist in my /opt/SUNWspro/bin directory.  I have tried
  uninstalling and reinstalling Forte a couple more times, even erasing the
  install files, and untarring the Forte*.tar files and reinstalling. Nothing.

This sort of weirdness reminds me of the windows registry weirdness.  I am
frustrated and ready to give up.

Any help would be greatful.


 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 10:22:24 GMT   
 forte 6u2 demo, workshop command not found

Wonder what this "some more stuff" ?

Exact error message would have been nice,
although I guess you don't have any log left at this point.

What do you mean by "not fixed" ? Do you get the same error message ?
If so, what is it ?


Obviously it wasn't installed properly.

Sun ONE Studio 8 Compiler Collection [1] does not include workshop or GUI.
And I don't know whether using S1S8cc with FD6U2 IDE is officially supported.
For IDE, de{*filter*} and other tools to match S1S8cc,
you want to use Sun ONE Studio 8 [2].

Also, this could be some license related problem.
S1S8 uses different licensing mechanism than flexlm based FD6U2.
But it isn't clear from your message.


[1] http://www.**-**.com/
[2] http://www.**-**.com/

 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:29:32 GMT   
 forte 6u2 demo, workshop command not found
blackbox, bbkeys, bbpager.

I would have written down the exact message, but I fgured
the problem would have been repeatable so I never. I did
do a google search on the actual sm_some_method(), but only
got 1 hit, and it was same problem I had, with no reply.

Hmm, that it what I suspect.  But what I am interested in in why, and
how to fix the installation.
The install for S1S8 asks me if I wanted to connect to the FD6U2 IDE.
According to Sun it is supported, atleast once you are a paying customer.
As for Sun ONE Studio, I would rather use the CLI for debugging. The
Ultra 10 400 MHz I am working with REALLY chugs under the Swing based
IDE. I also feel that ONE Studio in more geared towards Java developers.
  I currently use Workshop 5, and like the style, and how quick it
starts up, and uses 1/8th the memory of Sun ONE Studio.  That is why I
would really like to demo the Workshop 6 AKA Forte 6 IDE.
The install for FD6u2 prompts for a license file which I gave it.
The S1S8 install asks for a key, or you have the option of pressing
60 day demo.

BTW - I noticed after I uninstalled bother FD6U2 and S1S8, that pkginfo
still showed a number of SPRO* packages, installed.  So I did a pkgrm on
SPRO*.  Before trying the reinstall, but this still did not help.

~Shea M.

 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 22:39:49 GMT   
 forte 6u2 demo, workshop command not found

man prodreg


 Tue, 26 Sep 2006 03:49:21 GMT   
 forte 6u2 demo, workshop command not found

That is pretty neat.  Used solaris for 2 years now, and never knew that.  There
was an exclamation beside the forte 6 package, and isDamaged: was true.  So I
cleaned it all off again.  I thinkg I will wait to see if I get a responce back
from Sun on their forums (, before I try
anything else.



 Tue, 26 Sep 2006 08:13:58 GMT   
 forte 6u2 demo, workshop command not found

Just wanted to let you know your suggestion worked Thomas.  Using prodreg to
remove the software, then reinstalling worked.  I am currently using Frote 6.



 Tue, 26 Sep 2006 13:44:59 GMT   
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