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 Installing Solaris 2.4 on the Sparcstation SLC (sun4c).
        I installed recently Solaris 2.4 on SPARCstation SLC, sun4c
architecture, and experienced some difficulties during the setup. I feel
the urge to confirm that it is the way the Solaris 2.4 behaves and the
problem does not reside between the monitor and the chair :-)
        The first problem: I had to install over NFS from Solaris 7, because
Linux, and I think also FreeBSD are reversing the order of UDP
fragments, - Solaris 2.4 can not handle such UDP fragments - Solaris 7
was the only Solaris around I had. When installation finished, it turned
out that it was unsuccessful. Install script failed to read 16 files.
After poking around I realized that the creation dates of those files on
the original CD were: 31.dec.1969 :) How can it be? I was under
impression that UNIX starts time counting from 01.jan.1970. I copied the
contents of CD to HD and used 'touch' on those old files. The
installation succeeded.
        Second problem: during installation the install script interrupts after
asking the networking data. The error message is displayed so swiftly
that it is impossible to read before the installation window is
automatically closed. After starting installation window manually the
installation continues.
        When the fresh system restarts, it does not run X, instead it asks, in
text mode, again about networking and timezone. It is not pleasant thing
to do, because script thinks that screen is one line taller than it
really is and  the arrow keys together with the function keys refuse to
function. Nevertheless, X can be run from the command line and xdm
configured to start at boot.
        /etc/TIMEZONE is a relative link. When I changed it by hand to be
absolute, the 'date' agreed with my wris{*filter*}ch.

Maybe Solaris 2.4 is supposed to act this way, I do not know, but all
this took me by surprise. Solaris 6 and 7 installs were a way smoother

Best wishes,

Robert Tiismus.

 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 18:14:01 GMT   
 Installing Solaris 2.4 on the Sparcstation SLC (sun4c).

The epoch is jan 1, 1970, 00:00 UTC, so anything west of Greenwich
England (up until the dateline) had new years eve 1969 then :-)

If you set your timezone to GMT you would see jan 1 1970.

Why are you bothering with 2.4? AFAIK Solaris 7 is the latest you can
run on the SLC, and it is soo much better than 2.4. Not sure you can
run it at all on an SLC though, which maxes out at 16M.


 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 18:48:10 GMT   
 Installing Solaris 2.4 on the Sparcstation SLC (sun4c).

And "set nfssrv:nfs_allow_preepoch_time = 1" in /etc/system of your
NFS server.

Are you sure about the fragment order problem?  Ah, I seem to remember
that that is a problem during the boot phase only (inetboot's IP
stack, not Solaris proper)

An SLC can have at most 16MB of memory; that is not much.

Well, we do tend to improve things; in Solaris 2.4 there was no CDE
as bundled item and dtlogin does not run automatically.

Expressed in this posting are my opinions.  They are in no way related
to opinions held by my employer, Sun Microsystems.
Statements on Sun products included here are not gospel and may
be fiction rather than truth.

 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 20:37:49 GMT   
 Installing Solaris 2.4 on the Sparcstation SLC (sun4c).
Well, I rescued this SLC from being dumped. Its HD was fried. It has
16MB RAM and at the old-times it was used as a mail-server with SunOS
4.2 (I may be wrong with the version number). First I tried to use it
as a X-server with SLXT package ( The
problem is that Most of the browsers are not developed for
pixeldepth=1. This rules out mozilla and konqueror. There was also a
trouble with window managers: blackbox and olvwm coughed on it. I
found I could use olwm or flwm. Netscape is very usable on b/w, but
netscape is getting obsolete and it can't handle some pages already.
The lack of SSH tunneling bothered me too - it ruled out the
possibility for using SLXT as an administrator console. When the 233MB
SCSI HDD happened to land on my hands, I thought to make use of SLC as
an autonomous system and have it to serve DHCP or proxy
autoconfiguration file. Because I had so small disk, the Solaris 2.4
was the first choice. I have not yet tried to use it as a remote X
through ssl though. And I do not know if I can patch it, it has only
80MB free on a single partition.
 Hope this answers your question.

I tried to install oem-logo on this Sparcstation SLC and found that
the last two bytes of the bitmap in nvram can not be changed. Should I
panic? I used 'eeprom oem-logo=panic.xbm' to install the logo :)
Because it's sufficently on-topic, the logo I used with eeprom is
here:, and I got it from
here as 131x64x1:

Best wishes,

Robert Tiismus

 Wed, 04 Oct 2006 17:43:53 GMT   
 Installing Solaris 2.4 on the Sparcstation SLC (sun4c).
Robert Tiismus <> wrote on 2004-04-17 02:43:54 PST:
 >I tried to install oem-logo on this Sparcstation SLC and found that
 >the last two bytes of the bitmap in nvram can not be changed. Should I
 >panic? I used 'eeprom oem-logo=panic.xbm' to install the logo :)
 >Because it's sufficently on-topic, the logo I used with eeprom is
 >here:, and I got it from
 >here as 131x64x1:
It seems that 'eeprom' command on Solaris 2.4 behaves incorrectly on
SPARCstation SLC. It does not write the last byte. On SLC, the logo
resides from byte #340h to byte #53Fh of NVRAM. Maybe the NVRAM can be
accessed from Solaris, I don't know, but I used 'mkp' from OpenBoot
prompt to fix the image.

Best wishes,

Robert Tiismus

 Sun, 05 Nov 2006 17:59:27 GMT   
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