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 Solaris 8 02/02

Did anyone from you have problems installing Solaris 8 2/02 ?

I cannot install it because at the end of the installation when starting
that stupid Java WebStart thing java crash with an exception and
therfore the machine is not completly finished to install. I have this
problem on a Sun Blade 100 and a Sun Enterprise 450. Is this some kind
of bug ??


 Fri, 05 Nov 2004 04:50:38 GMT   
 Solaris 8 02/02

You could try not using the first cd and booting off the Solaris 1 of
2 cd-rom.

Or : get a newer copy of Solaris

or : install 2/02 on an install server and then patch it, and then do
a net install.

Also (and this is just a hunch) I think it helps if you have
nameservice entries for the machine to be installed which can be
accessed during the install. For example DNS entries if you tell it to
use DNS. Both forward and reverse lookups. I can't remember the exact
details - I am not officially an SA, just a developer who admins some
machines (isn't that how many people start :)

Chris Morgan <cm at>        
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 Fri, 05 Nov 2004 05:50:01 GMT   
 Solaris 8 02/02

Yes, with the 2/2002 DVD installer on an x86 box.

I was curious to see if Sun has managed to improve the webstart
installer in S8 2/2002; but (as expected :-) this was a

After the "sysidconfig" phase (system is querying for system name,
network configuration, name service, time zone and date/time, ...) the
"Webstart" installer was lauched, but after two clicks (eject media at
end of installtion, don't remember the second one) the installer

I was able to re-run the webstart installer from a terminal window
with the "run_install" command but it crashed in exactly the same way.
Only difference was that this time, I was able to see an error message
from the JVM:

# run_install
[ The system is being initialized, please wait... ]
InvocationTargetException thrown in method initProfile in class com.sun.solarisinstall.panels.ProfileServerObject
Target Exception Trace:


And apparently this problem is not new.  Found this usenet posting
from more then a year ago...

... and this user ran into exactly the same problem.

Sound just like the issue I described above.

I'd say so.

Solution is to boot and install from the Software 1/2 CDROM with the
good old motif installer.


but even with the motif based installation there was a strange
hickup with an assert failure + core dump while running sysidconfig.
From my notes - I cut&pasted the following from the console window:

in.rdisc: No interfaces up
Assertion failed: have_ext_net_info(nc) == TRUE, file main.c, line 931
Abort - core dumped
Starting remote procedure call (RPC) services: sysidns done.


 Sat, 06 Nov 2004 18:07:36 GMT   
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