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 solaris 9 as a client for a openldap server
I'm running a normal openldap server and I have nss and authentification
(I have a howto here and will describe every remaining issue
http://www.**-**.com/ ) with Linux systems and
everything works.

Now I would like to use LDAP with some solaris 9 workstations, but I just
don't get around with ldapclient, I only get useless error messages like:
"/usr/lib/ldap/ldap_cachemgr" returned: 256

Could somebody tell me how I have to run ldapclient to use nss with no
authentification and for pam with TLS (simple, the linux clients have an
TLS "public key" to find out if it's the right openldap)?

This didn't work:
/usr/sbin/ldapclient manual \
-a  \
-a serviceSearchDescriptor=passwd:cn=people,dc=lsra \
-a serviceSearchDescriptor=group:cn=group,dc=lsra \
-a authenticationMethod=tls:simple \
-a credentialLevel=anonymous \
-a defaultSearchBase=dc=lsra \
-a searchTimeLimit=60 \
-a profileTTL=3600  \
-a defaultServerList=

Christian Leber

 Sun, 24 Sep 2006 21:21:32 GMT   
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