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 Changing Desktop Environments (Window Managers) & Performance of Desktop Environments

Recently my educational institution purchased a UltraSparc Server (on
SunOS), along with about 35 terminals which run CDE as their desktop
environment. Although it is tolerable to use this desktop environment, come
time for about 35 students using the terminals, the terminals become
terribly slow. Furthermore, I have used other desktop environments and I
find them to be much faster when compared to CDE.
I am wondering if someone can give me a pointer on the performance of
CDE--can it expected that CDE is this slow, or are there other desktop
environments that are much faster. (The system admin is considering the
installation of KDE or XFCE)
That leads to my second question: I want to change from CDE to something
like KDE or XFCE. Being a seasoned Linux user, I'm a bit confused. When I
look into the home directory for a temporary user, I see no file by the name
of .xinitrc (this file allows one to change the window manager). I'm
confused. The only files that I found in SunOS were in /usr/dt/config/; but
none of the files mentioned changing the desktop environment.
So my second question to you is, how can I change the window manager. I know
how to install everything quite easily, but I need the login system to be
able to execute the new desktop environment.
I know not if I am very clear with this message, but if you are able to
decrypt my words, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Matthew J. Alicton

 Sun, 27 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
 Changing Desktop Environments (Window Managers) & Performance of Desktop Environments

You could also try running fvwm... a friend of mine was
running CDE on his machine and it was sooooo slow... he then
switched to fvwm and it made a difference... CDE & KDE tend
to be mem/proc hogs...


 Mon, 26 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
 Changing Desktop Environments (Window Managers) & Performance of Desktop Environments

Oh yeah, definately.
For various reasons, I've turned off dtlogin for now, and am using xinit
with fvwm2.
My .xinitrc only starts xterms; no stinkin netscape. So on my 400x2
machine, everything is done in about 4 seconds.

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