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 MEDIA - CRN: Solaris 9 Update (article mentions Opteron, V20z, Rackable, and Janus)
Sun Ships Solaris 9 Update
CRN, 4/7/04; Paula Rooney

Sun releases its latest update for the Solaris 9 Operating System and
offers early access to features included in the upcoming Solaris 10,
which is expected to debut later this year.  The Solaris 9 update
includes certification for the Sun Fire V20z server, which uses an
optimized version of AMD's Opteron processor, and new support for Sun's
UltraSPARC IV chips.  Sun also announces that server manufacturer
Rackable Systems will offer Solaris x86 on its rack-mounted products.
The article also notes Sun's "Project Janus," which will enable Linux
applications to run "unmodified and un-recompiled at near-native speed"
on Solaris.

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