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 How to add new disks in Solaris 8
hi there.  I'm a newbie so let me thank you first for being patient.
I've just installed Solaris 8 64bit ed on E450.  I'd installed the OS
on a single SCSI disks and when that finished successfully, I'd popped
in about 7 more SCSI disks in there between reboots.  My questions is
how can I get the OS to recognize those drives & where are they
located?  If I need to format those drives, can you send me some
syntax examples I can follow?  Thanks in advance..


 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 02:48:36 GMT   
 How to add new disks in Solaris 8
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Reboot with

        boot -r

at the ok prompt.  That should get the disks recognized.

Then run "format" to partition the disks, and "newfs" to construct a
file system on the slices thus created.

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 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 03:23:50 GMT   
 How to add new disks in Solaris 8
Neil W Rickert <> wrote:

devfsadm will do it without a reboot.

Geoff Lane
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 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 03:50:08 GMT   
 How to add new disks in Solaris 8

Plenty of documentation and examples at

 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 04:01:08 GMT   
 How to add new disks in Solaris 8

man devfsadm


 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 05:06:01 GMT   
 How to add new disks in Solaris 8

Like explain by the other posters, everytime you install new HW in a Sun
box you can enable the HW in atleast 3 ways.

1. # touch /reconfigure, then reboot
2. # halt the system, the boot -r from the Openboot prompt
3. # devfsadm for discs

1-2 also applies to all HW, network/graphic adapters and so.

If you will be using standard UFS filesystem, enable logging of all
filesystems to avoid long fsck when booting after a crash(that is if you
will have a crash) :)

After rebooted and done format on the 7 new disks, you need to do newfs
on the /dev/rdsk/c??? device for each one of them.

Then you must mount them on some place /export/d1-d7 maybe,
mkdir /export/d1
mount /dev/dsk/c??? /export/d1
and add them to /etc/vfstab



 Mon, 25 Sep 2006 05:34:39 GMT   
 How to add new disks in Solaris 8
If at ok prompt you can do a boot -r. This tells Solaris to build
path_to_inst and add new device entries to reflect available devices.

If system is running you can do "fsdevadm".  This normally works in
Solaris 8 to tell the system to rescan for available disks.  If not you
can do "reboot -- r".

Once the system is running you can do format to see available disks.
You will need to label the new disks to proceed further.  Steps from
here depend on what volume manager (if any) you are using.

 Wed, 27 Sep 2006 03:08:46 GMT   
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