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 RSC firmware not responding

I have install RSC 2.2.2 on an E250 running Solaris 8 (HW 5/03).

Then, I have upgraded the RSC firmware as described in the
documentation :
# /usr/platform/SUNW,Ultra-250/rsc/rscadm download

It worked well without any error.

After this, I tried to configure the RSC card with "rsc-config" but it

When I try to communicate with the RSC (ie. with "rscadm") I have the
following error :
rscadm: RSC firmware not responding

If I try to download the firmware again, I have the following error :
rscadm: RSC did not respond during boot initialization

So I tried to reset the RSC (from Solaris with "rscadm resetrsc" and
from OBP with "rsc-hard-reset")
=> Still the problem

I also stopped the server and disconnected the RSC card.
=> Still the problem

I have remove the RSC 2.2.2 package and install RSC 2.1.
=> Still not able to communicate with RSC and to download firmware.

So it seems that the 2.2.2 firware I have downloaded to the RSC card
is corrupted. How can I do to recover the RSC on this server ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

 Mon, 02 Apr 2007 20:51:03 GMT   
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