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 Accounting-system/monitoring resources

I am using an Sun Enterprise 10000 (Starfire) with
5 domains, 4 production domains and 1 test-domain.

The 4 domains are for:
1. Oracle databases  approx 30 databases
2. Sybase databases  approx 23 databases
3. Webhotel          50 webs
4. Applicationhotel  20 applications

Most of the databases and webs and applications are from different
customers, but some customers have webpages that starts
an application and uses a database, so we have a fairly
complicated network of customers/used resources.

Now, we want to charge our customers in a fair way, if
possible. Today we do make subjective estimates of resources
needed to be used and we follow it all up as well as good as we can,
mainly manually. We want some sort of software that monitors this
and makes up statistics based on customer, application etc.

We also want to use some software (if available) to be able to
see WHAT application that uses lots of resources to know where
to put in extra RAM, disk or whatever needed.

We want to have an "automatic" system that shows me what
processes are critical for the system, what customer uses what
resources, so he/she may pay for it, but also to increase the
available resources for the customer so his applications runs

My question is, has anyone seen such software outside the
IBM-sphere ? ;)
We are running Solaris 2.6 at the moment.

I would very much appreciate some hints if you have seen such
system in use, heard of it, or maybe know where to get it.
Thanks in behalf.


Sorry for repeating my question.

 Sun, 25 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
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