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 Need short circuit for boot sequence
We are trying to install Solaris 8 and Xi Graphics X on Dell Inspiron 7500
Lap top.

Installation was scucessful and finally we were able to get into the
dtlogin. Only problem was that the display was about 2.5" smaller than the
actual screen (15").

We tried to fix the problem by downloading new settings for the board and
monitor from Xi Graphics and selecting new settings by running Xsetup. Now
dtlogin gives a blank screen and hangs (lately, it just reboots as well).

In order to correct this problem we need to get back into the System
Maintenance mode and get our unix prompt without getting into desk top
login. We have tried 'b -s' option but it either hangs right after showing
Solaris 8 banner or it gets into black screen. Also, lately, it has been
giving {*filter*} errors for failing to mount /usr and other file systems. (may
be due to repeated power off while system was on). I tried 'b -b' option
once and got my > prompt but there was no command available at this run
level (not even ls, pwd etc).

Is there any way to recover from this situation without reinstalling the
whole thing? We need to kind of short circuit the Solaris boot sequence and
stop it from getting into dtlogin (kind of 'dtlogin -d' if we get a unix
prompt to run this).

Thanks, Ian Easson
Network Planning Systems Inc.

 Fri, 11 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
 Need short circuit for boot sequence

same as any other solaris system.
boot off net or cdrom.

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 Fri, 11 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
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