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 e250 setup problems rsc/console maybe full security mode

Hello there - i have the following situation:

our company auctioned an e250. if i switch it on, the power led stays green,
but the activity led doesn't blink. if i put the switch in diag mode, post
doesn't seem to start. the machine doesn't seem to respond to keyboard
action (stop-d, stop-a, stop-n...). if i put in a graphics card, the screen
stays blank. i cannot connect via tip or terminal emu to any of the serial
ports. i get a login/password prompt when i connect via serial terminal
connection to RSC. Problem: we don't have the password, nor we have the
login. The keyboard/graphics/monitor/serial cable are definitely o.k. as i
installed another e250 with those peripherals. Question: is the machine in
full security mode and only accesible via rsc ? why does post not run ? is
it a hardware problem ? I would appreciate your help very very much ! Thanks
in advance

 Sun, 11 Apr 2004 06:36:07 GMT   
 e250 setup problems rsc/console maybe full security mode
[This followup was posted to comp.unix.solaris and a copy was sent to the
cited author.]

In article <9r4rbe$nlm$>, says...

Connect via serial to the RSC port.  Odds are if the RSC card was setup
properly in the first place, then input and output are being redirected
to the RSC.

Once connected via serial to the RSC, power on the server.  Perhaps the
former owner setup an eeprom password?  The system might be prompting you
for this password.

If all else fails, you can possibly have Sun replace the motherboard,
which will give you a whole new RSC port.


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 Sun, 11 Apr 2004 08:48:01 GMT   
 e250 setup problems rsc/console maybe full security mode
thanks for replying,

you are absolutely right: rsc is sadly properly configured :) i have a new
nvram at hand and tried to replace it with no success, e.g. it still prompts
for the eeprom password.

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 Mon, 12 Apr 2004 04:24:13 GMT   
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