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 Comeau C++ 4.0 Front-End Pre-Release

                      Comeau C++ 4.0 Front-End Pre-Release

December 9, 1996 -- Effective immediately, a pre-release of the
Comeau C++ 4.0 front end, a multi-platform C++, is available for the
following platforms: SCO, SunOS, Solaris (SPARC), UNIXWARE, LINUX,
and a plethora of UNIX 3/486's (Consensys, Dell, Microport,
Micro Station Technology, Information Foundation, James River, NCR,
SORIX, Toshiba, UHC, Unisys, USL, Novell, Altos, Bell Technologies,
ENIX, ESIX, Interactive, Prime, Intel, VenturCom VENIX).

The introductory cost, on these platforms, is $50 (fifty) per single-user
license.  For questions, further details, or ordering information, please
contact us via


This is a major upgrade to the Comeau C++ front end compiler proper and is
the result of serious tracking of the ANSI/ISO C++ committee deliberations
to date.  The Comeau C++ 4.0 front-end includes support for the following
major C++ features since Ellis and Stroustrup's "ARM":

+ Enhanced templates
  * MEMBER TEMPLATES (classes and functions)
  * New template SPECIALIZATION SYNTAX: template<>
  * Recognition of the TYPENAME keyword
  * Template parameters with DEFAULT ARGUMENTS
  * Templates with additional NONTYPE TEMPLATE PARAMETERS
    (but not template parameters that are templates themselves)
  * New name mangling for templates
  * Template friend declarations/definitions in class template/class defs
  * AUTOMATIC TEMPLATE INSTANTIATION (not available on all platforms)
  * Etc.
+ EXCEPTION HANDLING: try, catch, throw
  Functions: terminate(), unexpected(), uncaught_exception()
+ NAMESPACES, using directives, using declarations
+ RTTI, dynamic_cast, typeid's
+ NEW-STYLE CASTS: static_cast, reinterpret_cast, const_cast and dynamic_cast
+ "CONDITION DECLARATIONS" allowed in if, switch, for and while
+ New keywords: MUTABLE, BOOL, WCHAR_T
+ EXPLICIT keyword to indicate non-converting constructors
+ ARRAY NEW and array delete
+ [static data] "MEMBER CONSTANTS"
+ NESTED CLASS DEFINITIONS allowed OUTSIDE of enclosing class
  (nontemplate and template)
+ Identifiers declared in the initialization section of a for loop are
  only in the scope of the for statement (the old way will still be
  supported with a compiler switch)
+ const/volatile QUALIFIERS on the types of class rvalues are now RETAINED
  on function returns
  Also, PODs and non-PODs with trivial constructors.
+ Linkage specifications are involved in a function's type.
+ EXTERN INLINE functions.
  Also, default linkage for inline functions is external.
+ Explicit destructor calls can be via typedef names
+ Digraphs, also alternative token keywords
+ Implicit 'return 0;' from main(), respectively
+ "MSC KEYWORDS" (near/far/etc), when appropriate
+ COMPATIBILITY MODES for: cfront, Microsoft C++, pcc, when appropriate
+ Rehosting as a cross-compiler for embedded systems et al, when appropriate
  (an output file can be obtained too), when appropriate
+ Precompiled headers, when appropriate
+ Pragma's
+ Etc.

Support for these features means Comeau C++ 4.0 front end pre-release is
extremely up to date in features and compliance, including a number that
the the ANSI/ISO C++ committee agreed upon as recently as July and a
confirmation of their Hawaii meeting 2 weeks ago.  Also, Comeau C++ 4.0
front-end is based upon EDG C++ technology, so Comeau C++ is already robust
and stable.


Comeau C++ front end pre-release is a command line driven C++ compiler
that generates C as its object code.  Note closely that this is not
preprocessing, but compiling.  The Comeau 4.0 front-end does full
preprocessing and then the Comeau 4.0 front-end compiler proper does
full syntax, semantic and error checking.  The input C++ program is
translated into a machine independent intermediate language (IL).
For its code generation phase, Comeau 4.0 only considers the intermediate
form (IF).  It processes the IF and then translates it into C language
source code.  Note then that a C compiler is needed only for machine
dependent native object code generation.  The C compiler provided
by your UNIX manufacturer will work with the Comeau C++ 4.0 front-end on
the platform you have purchased Comeau C++ 4.0 on, as they have been tested

Non-UNIX ports (MS-DOS et al, AmigaDOS, Atari, etc) will be available
shortly as well as additional UNIX ports (HP9000, RS/6000, etc).
Please contact us for availability information or to get on our
electronic mailing list for update news as we progress.
Hardware manufacturers desiring C++ compilers on your CPUs
please contact us as well.  Also, we are interested in being contracted
to perform custom ports for end users with significant projects.
Please email for details.


Sick and tired of running into problems with your "major brand" compiler?
Comeau C++ 4.0 front end pre-release provides an excellent transition model
in order to test the stability and status of your code, libraries,
and projects.  This is true especially with an eye on multi-platform
capability as Comeau C++ 4.0 is available on so many platforms.

Comeau C++ 4.0 is stable, reliable, solid on all fundamental language
features, and firmly supports most up-to-date language features.

The following is included in the pre-release:

+ The Comeau C++ 4.0 pre-release compiler proper
  (includes the integrated preprocessor).
+ A command line driver.
+ A "muncher" to process potential static initializers.
+ A "decoder" to process mangled names.
+ A "pre-linker" to process automatic template instantiation.
+ A run-time support library for static constructors/initializers,
  rtti, exception handling and operator new/delete.
  Note: If you have a version of cfront, 4.0 is compatible with its iostreams.
        For instance, Comeau C++ 3.x is such a compatible cfront version.
        Else, you will have to compile your own independent source of iostreams.
  Note: HP's snapshot of STL can be ftp'd from
+ A run-time support library include directory:
  <exception.h>, <new.h>, <stdexcept.h>, <typeinfo.h>, <iso646.h>
  Note: pre-4.0 versions of Comeau C++ provide iostreams and other headers.
+ Electronic documentation and ``man page.''
  Note: Tech support questions through email are taken very seriously.
+ Seamless support for your back-end C compiler.
  Note: Pre-4.0 often only supported one or two C back-ends.  For 4.0, we are
        working on integration with many additional back-end C compilers.
        Contact us about your particular situation.

Upgrades in each of these areas is expected and will be made available
to customers via our upcoming WEB site.


Comeau Computing is a NYC-based software development firm
specializing in multi-platformed compilers.
We are members of the ANSI/ISO C++ committee.
We believe Comeau C++ is the oldest commercial C++ compiler.
Now in our 12th year of business, we have customers all across the globe.


Comeau Computing is interested in pursuing any extensions, unique needs,
etc. that you may require for your platforms.  Also, please contact us if you
are interested in a compiler supporting the proposed "Embedded C++"
amendments.  As well, for "strange" and/or primitive machines/environments.

       Comeau Computing, 91-34 120th Street, Richmond Hill, NY, 11418-3214
                Producers of Comeau C++ 4.0 Pre-Release BIX:comeau or / CIS:72331,3421
    Voice:718-945-0009 / Fax:718-441-2310 / Prodigy:tshp50a / WELL:comeau

       Comeau Computing, 91-34 120th Street, Richmond Hill, NY, 11418-3214 / BIX:comeau or / CIS:72331,3421
    Voice:718-945-0009 / Fax:718-441-2310 / Prodigy: tshp50a / WELL: comeau

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