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 "at now" gets stuck/slow
We had a Solaris 8 system that had been up for 80 days.  We issued 5 "at -k
now" scripts in quick succession.  We found that cron would process only 1
script in the queue about every minute or so.

We then did "/etc/init.d/cron stop" followed by "/etc/init.d/cron start" and
the sluggishness went away; i.e., all 5 "at now" processes fired off within
a second.
Is this a know bug?

 Sat, 05 Jun 2004 07:55:07 GMT   
 "at now" gets stuck/slow
In article <>,
        "Allen M. Cohen" <> writes:

Don't know, but I recall "at now" being dicey for a _long_ time.  Why not
just use "batch" instead?  If you _must_ use "at" for some reason,
"at now + 1 minute" works well enough.

Also, see queuedefs(4) and consider changing the line for the "a" queue,
i.e. to something like


which would allow more concurrent "at" jobs.


 Sat, 05 Jun 2004 09:26:09 GMT   
 "at now" gets stuck/slow
I did some research at sunsolve, and found that patch 109007-06 might fix
this.  I will let this group know if it works...
"Richard L. Hamilton" <> wrote in message

 Mon, 07 Jun 2004 03:39:34 GMT   
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