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 Regarding locks and global variables

I have a global linked list to which I add nodes through func_a() and consume
nodes from func_b().

func_a() creates a new node and add it to the list, no existing node in the
linked list is modified. The linked list is accessed by func_a() only to add a

func_b() simply uses the nodes in the linked list.

The linked list is a singly-linked list. func_a() will add nodes to the end of
the linked list and func_b() will use nodes from the start of the linked list.

Since it is a global linked list should I be using locks ?? I am relatively new
to the concept of locks. The code would be executed on a SMP(multi-processor)
and non-SMP machine.

Would help if I could get some inputs on the above.  Any site which talks of
locks and multi-processor machines would also help.

Would I have a problem only on multiprocesor machines or would the problem also
occur if I have multiple processes calling func_a() and func_b() randomly.

All this is done in the driver code. Can locks be shared ??

Thanks and Regards,

 Sun, 23 Oct 2005 22:02:37 GMT   
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