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 E250 console directed to rsc and framebuffer/keyboard

It is possible to reconfigure the E250/E450 to use rsc as the
console and you are able to connect to the OBP/console via telnet.
As far as I understand you must set ODP input-device and output-
device to rsc before the machine is rebooted.

Is it possible to grab the console later (comparable to screen -rd)
without rebooting?  The machines will have local consoles (keyboard/
framebuffer == desktops and regular reboots) and I'm also interested
in some kind of remote obp/singe-user/"network-independent-console-login"
mode when something went wrong and the systems staff is not in the office.

I know that I can force the direction of the console to rsc but this
requires a dirty reset which I would like to avoid.

thanks in advance, ws

 Sat, 22 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT   
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