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 NFS file access very slow on Solaris 2.4 client
I have a few NeXT Turbo workstations that are NFS servers.  I just added a  
Sparc 5 to the net, with the intention of moving all NFS server-side services  
there.  When I mount a NeXT-served NFS filesystem on the Solaris box (mount -F  
nfs next:/Users /mnt) the mount successfully completes, however when I attempt  
to ls the mountpoint or a directory inside it, I have to wait at least 10  
minutes for output.  The top-level folder on the NeXT side does not have a lot  
of files, and no other NFS clients demonstrate this problem.  I've played  
around with the -rsize and -wsize arguments on the client side, but I'm not  
sure that those arguments will actually address the problem.   nfsd 8 is  
running on the NeXT side.  Finally, our local net is very speedy - certainly  
telnet's, ftp's, etc run as fast as they should to and from the Sun.

Checked the FAQ and the nutshell NFS book but didn't see anything, and I  
suspect that this is Solaris-specific anyway.  I'm experienced with SunOS but  
not with Solaris, so be kind.  If I missed this in the faq just let me know.


 Fri, 09 May 1997 21:57:40 GMT   
 NFS file access very slow on Solaris 2.4 client

Run snoop on the 2.4 machine and take a look at the traffic
between client and server.  That will probably give you
a pretty good indication of the problem.


 Mon, 12 May 1997 16:38:26 GMT   
 NFS file access very slow on Solaris 2.4 client
In article <3b1je2$>,
Brent Callaghan  <> wrote:

'snoop' just show the LAN traffic, but won't solve the problem.  Try this,

(1) If you have multiple LAN connection, i.e. multiple LAN card in the system,
    make sure /etc/inet/netmasks was set correctly.

(2) If you use 'other' DNS,

    (a) Make sure there is no conflict IP address with your local
        /etc/inets/hosts file.

    (b) Put NFS serve name-address in the local hosts table, and set
        nsswitch.conf to check files first.

If you find other fix that works, please let me know.  I had this problem
before, but was fixed by the above actions.


 Tue, 20 May 1997 07:09:21 GMT   
 NFS file access very slow on Solaris 2.4 client
Recently I posted a query about how slow NEXTSTEP NFS server -> Solaris 2.4 NFS  
client performance was.  I received a couple of suggestions that did not  
address the problem, and lots of "I'm having the same symptoms, too."  Turns  
out that it was a simple, if not necessarily ideal, fix: add the mount options  
"rsize=1024" to wherever you keep your mount commands on the Solaris client.  
For instance:

        mount -o rsize=1024 nextstep_server:/Users /Users

worked for me.  wsize seemed to have no effect, although I did verify that  
large files are getting written OK from the Solaris client to the NEXTSTEP  
server.  I expect NFS reads to be a little slower than they could be on the  
Sparc side, but slower than perfect is better than not at all, IMO.  Since most  
of the server responsibilities will be moving to a Solaris server, I'm not as  
concerned about this as others might.

I'm going to continue testing this.  If I find out anything else, the net will  
be the second to know.

Thanks to Brent Callaghan and Joseph Shyanwee Jao for responding.
Timothy Reed

 Fri, 13 Jun 1997 12:06:32 GMT   
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